Monday, October 14, 2013

Led Cubes are fun

If you haven't seen a LED cube yet, you're sure missing out. Well... let's just say they're pretty cool. It just wanted to share the end result of the LED cube I made myself. I thought it would be a nice chance to try out the Arduino microprocessor we have at the school I'm working at, to polish up my soldering skills and in the end create a nice demonstration model for students to marvel about or hopefully to work with in the future.

picture of my own LED cube
I'm not going to write a whole DIY instruction, the web is filled with that already. I found the animation that is running on the cube in the movie below on such a site. In the future I intend to make some other Arduino based projects. The end result makes it look pretty difficult, but believe me, if you take it step by step it's really doable.

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