Sunday, January 19, 2014

Belgian Map

This isn't a long post, it's more of a test and a preview.
As I worked the maps of The Netherlands I thought of doing similar maps of Belgium.

Empty map of Belgium

Wikipedia was a helpful source of maps again, but with a downside. Where the map of The Netherlands had information about the region inside the SVG file the Belgian maps have none.
So if you want to assign some color to a certain area you have to make a translation between i.e. 'Luik' and 'path2275'. But since there is no such list available I have nothing to work with.
The easiest work around is to open a map in Inkscape and manuallly change the 'Id' of every path. All I needed was a map (a regular .png file) with the names of the regions (as below) and the empty map (as above).

Map of Belgium with names of provinces

Since there are only 10 provinces and Brussels this wasn't a lot of work. Now the file is almost ready to be used as I described in my post My first choropleth map. You just have to remove the 'fill' attribute and create a list with the fill per province. Either in the file itself or in an external css file.

Future plans involve doing the same for all the municipalities (589 in total) and finding data to create some visualisations. 

Sharing is nice

Lastly I want to add the SVG file I edited mainly to test if readers can download files from posts and also to share the work. If you've tried downloading it and it doesn't work, please let me know. If it worked and you liked it, I would also like to know :)

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